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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

45RPM: #17 Sweet Suburbia - Skids (1978)

Skids played their first gig on 19 August 1977 at the Bellville Hotel in Pilmuir Street, Dunfermline, Scotland.Within six months they had released on February 24 1978 the Charles EP (featuring Charles, Reasons, and Test Tube Babies) on the No Bad record label, created by Sandy Muir, a Dunfermline music shop owner turned manager. The record brought them to the attention of national BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel. This led to a local gig supporting The Clash.Virgin Records then signed up Skids in April 1978.

Sweet Suburbia / Open Sound
The Skids
1st September 1978
UK Chart #70

Sweet Suburbia

Open Sound

Skids Peel Sessions 1978
Broadcast 19th May.
1. Of One Skin
2. Open Sound
3. Contusion
4. Night And Day
5. TV Stars

Broadcast 1st September but this is from the repeat of the session on 25th September. Includes Peel introductions.
1. Hope And Glory
2. The Saints Are Coming
3. Dossier Of Fallibility
4. Six Times
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