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Monday, 14 March 2016

Aubrie Sellers - New City Blues (January 2016)

I always love it when I stumble onto something new and then get a surprise when investigating further. So it was with the New City Blues album that I was listening to over the past weekend. Aubrie Sellers was someone very new to my ears and I really loved the feel of the album.

Rolling Stone magazine had included her in their 10 New Country Artists You Need To Know back in November last year (I didn't see it myself as it's been a wee while since I purchased a copy of Rolling Stone). Stephen L. Betts summed her up nicely when he said she sounds like "A snarky, barbed-wire cross between Lee Ann Womack and Buddy Miller".

And this was the surprise for me, she is the daughter of Lee Ann Womack! Wow! So that's where she got her chops! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as they say! I absolutely love Lee Ann's version of Buddy Miller's 'Does My Ring Burn Your Finger'.

There's a lot of tracks on the album that are brilliant but Losing Ground for me is the one that leaps off the album.

Light of Day
The Unlocked Sessions

New City Blues - Aubrie Sellers
Thirty Tigers
Produced by Frank Liddell
Released 29th January 2016

 A1 Light Of Day   
A2 Sit Here & Cry   
A3 Paper Doll   
A4 Losing Ground   
A5 Magazines   
B1 Dreaming In The Day   
B2 Liar Liar   
B3 Humming Song   
B4 Just To Be With You   
C1 People Talking   
C2 Something Special   
Loveless Rolling Stone   
C4 Like The Rain   
C5 Living Is Killing Me   
    Bonus Tracks
D1 In My Room (Live Studio Version)   
D2 Living Is Killing Me (Live Studio Version)   
D3 People Talking (Live Studio Version)   
D4 The Way I Feel Inside (Live Studio Version)

Sit Here and Cry Promo Video

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