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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Magazine - The John Peel Sessions 1978-1980

Since we were thinking about Howard Devoto and Magazine I thought it would be good to post their sessions for John Peel recorded between 1978-1980.

1st Peel Session
Broadcast 20th February 1978
Touch and Go.
The Light Pours Out of Me.
Real Life.
My Mind Ain't So Open.

2nd Peel Session
Broadcast 31st July 1978
This from the Repeated Session on 28th August 1978
I Love You, You Big Dummy.
Give Me Everything.

3rd Peel Session
Broadcast 14th May 1979
This is from the repeated Broadcast on 5th June 1979
Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again.
TV Baby.

4th John Peel Session
Broadcast 14th January 1980
Song From Under The Floorboards.
20 Years Ago.
Look What Fear Has Done To My Body.
Model Worker.
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