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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Rewind: 1966 The Kink Kontroversy Released in The USA

The Kink Kontroversy was the third studio album from North London based The Kinks. It was released on this day in the USA, having had an original release date in the UK back in November 1965. Quite why it took so long to get released there I don't know but it could have something to do with the fact that there had been onstage fights (a famous one being between Drummer Mick Avory and Dave Davies which left Davies with 16 stitches in his head after being hit with a cymbal! That was in Cardiff and took place after the first song of the set!), and riots at shows in Europe that saw them banned from playing live in the USA for four years!

It's one of my favourite albums from The Kinks and it contains the brilliant Till the End of the Day single that had Where Have All the Good Times Gone as the B-Side!
The Kink Kontroversy - The Kinks
Pye (UK) / Reprise (US)
Produced by Shel Tamy
Released 26th November 1965 (UK)
Released 30th March 1966 (US)
UK Chart #9
US Charts #95

Track list:
Side One
1. "Milk Cow Blues"
2. "Ring the Bells"
3. "Gotta Get the First Plane Home"
4. "When I See That Girl of Mine"
5. "I Am Free"
6. "Till the End of the Day"

Side Two
1. "The World Keeps Going Round"
2. "I'm On an Island"
3. "Where Have All the Good Times Gone"
4. "It's Too Late" 22:53
5. "What's in Store for Me"
6. "You Can't Win"

    Ray Davies – lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
    Dave Davies – lead guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on I Am Free and What's in Store for Me, shared lead vocals on Milk Cow Blues and You Can't Win
    Pete Quaife – bass guitar, backing vocals
    Mick Avory – drums (tracks Milk Cow Blues,Ring the Bells  and Where Have All the Good Times Gone), percussion
    Clem Cattini – drums (tracks Gotta Get the First Plane Home, When I See That Girl of Mine, I Am Free,Till the End of the Day,The World Keeps Going Round, I'm On an Island, It's Too Late, What's in Store for Me and You Can't Win)
    Nicky Hopkins – keyboards
    Rasa Davies – backing vocals (track Till the End of the Day and Where Have All the Good Times Gone)
    Shel Talmy - guitar on It's Too Late
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