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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Rewind: Generation X - Generation X (1978)

Generation X - Generation X 
Produced by Martin Rushent
Released 17th March 1978
UK Album Chart #29

    Billy Idol − vocals
    Tony James − bass
    Bob "Derwood" Andrews − guitar
    Mark Laff − drums 
 Generation X (2002 CD Version with Bonus Tracks)

Some folks are a wee bit too snobby when it comes their opinions regarding Generation X. Folks turned their noses up against them because they were the first of the Punk Bands to appear on Top of the Pops or others dismiss them as not being punks at all! I think on the part of a lot of guys it was maybe jealousy because Billy Idol was a darn sight more handsome than most of us!

Generation X were there right there in 1976 when Punk began to explode in the UK. People seem to forget that Tony James, Billy Idol and John Towe were all originally part of Chelsea with Gene October. Derwood joined on guitar and Idol took vocal duties and they played their debut 14th December 1976 at The Roxy (the first of the Punk bands to do so). Towe left the band and Mark Laff (ex-Subway Sect) joined on drums in time for their signing to Chrysalis Records.

I loved the early singles, and the Peel Sessions they did in 1977. The first one in April included Day by Day, Listen!, Youth Youth Youth and Your Generation. John Towe was still drumming for them on that session. The second session from July 1977 included From the Heart, Rock On, Gimmie Some Truth and No No No. Mark Laff was on drums for this session.

As for the album I still think it stands up as great album. Personally I don't think there's a bad track on it. This was basically their live set so I was pretty much aware of most if not all of the songs when it was released. It maybe had a more Punky Pop edge to it that some people didn't like but I loved it the moment it came out and it's still an album that gets an airing.
Early Singles
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UK Chart #36

Didn't Chart

UK Chart #47
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