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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Music is the Doctor 2016 #12 The End is Nigh!

This will be the last Music is the Doctor in the series for the time being. I may post the odd one here and there in future days. The main reason for doing so is merely because whilst people seem to visit the page whenever I post it so few people actually seem to be pressing play on the The Playlist. It's a little discouraging as almost two or three hours goes into thinking about the music that goes into each playlist and the fact that they are obviously not being played is very clear as I'm able to see the numbers!

This will be the 47th Playlist. If you have taken the time to watch then a big thank you for your time. I hope you have enjoyed some fine tunes and some of the themes we have looked at since beginning back in May last year.

This is the Playlist

On The Playlist
Let's Submerge - X-Ray Spex
Originally the B-side to their single 'Identity'
Germ Free Adolescent - The Mongrel Jews
A rather interesting take on what was a single for X-Ray Spex and the title to their Debut album.
20th Century Boy - Siouxsie and the Banshees
B-Side to The Staircase (Mystery) single and a fine cover of Marc Bolan's tune.
Get It On - T-Rex
The man himself performing one of his big hits. Footage is from 1971!
Fox on The Run - Sweet
One of many hits from one of the great glam bands of the 1970's.
Ballroom Blitz - Motördamn
A cross between Motörhead and The Damned. The song did appear on the B-side of two singles one by Motörhead ('Over The Top') and the other The Damned ('I Just Can't Be Happy Today').
Coz I Luv You - The Wonder Stuff
The Stuffies have actually done a couple of covers of their Black Country Brethren Slade.
Gudbuy T'Jane - Slade
Slade did wonders for the education system clearly adding to the problems for kids and their spelling!
Ever Fallen In Love - Thursday
I must admit I hadn't actually heard this one before putting this together. There have been a fair few versions of this Buzzcocks classic but I must admit that I find this one to be quite appealing.
Moving Away From The Pulsebeat (Live) - Buzzcocks
One of my absolute favourite tracks by Buzzcocks and it always sounds even more immense live.
Brickfield Nights - Plastic Tears
Don't know an awful lot about Plastic Tears at all. I have a feeling they might hail from Finland. Anyway, they released this cover of The Boys classic Brickfield Nights as a single back in January this year and it's pretty tidy.
1976 - The Boys
The song that gave them the title to their long awaited album Punk Rock Menopause. It's always a joy to hear that they are still getting out on the road from time to time. Still one of my favourite bands stretching way back to 1977!
Quit Your Life - Implossion
Not totally sure where these two hail from, I'm going to say Mexico (I think I may be correct!). Anyway, I have to say I was very impressed with this cover of a great MxPx tune.
Stay on Your Feet - MxPx
There's something about MxPx that just make me smile whenever I play their music. It always has the ability to lift the spirit and with such great lyrics like the ones in this song it's no wonder.
London Calling - The London Community Gospel Choir
The video on this is a bit deceptive because it says it's with Mick Jones and I thought that's gotta be an interesting watch, but Mick only gives a short introduction and talks a little about how and why the song was written. The rest is left up to the LCGC and it's really quite fascinating to hear the famous Clash song done like that!
Clampdown (Live at Lewisham Odeon) - The Clash
Taken from the London Calling album and a gig that was not far down the road from where I grew up in London. I never went to that one myself. Have no idea why!
Do Anything You Wanna Do - Michael Monroe
Could easily have gone with the great cover by Die Toten Hosen as well but I like old Michael, he's still got a bit of the punk spirit about him. A real gem when released in 1977 by Eddie and the Hot Rods.
The Beginning of the End - Eddie and the Hot Rods
Quite easily my favourite track on Life on the Line album (which funny enough also featured Do Anything You Wanna Do).
Roadhouse Blues (Live in Glasgow 1976) - Status Quo
This might seem out of step with the rest of the music that has gone before but hey it's nice to throw a spanner in the works from time to time. I absolutely love this, their live album in 1976 is in my opinion one of the best live albums ever. This Doors classic was originally released on Quo's Piledriver album.
When The Music's Over - The Doors
It seems fitting to end this Music is the Doctor series with a song that contains the lyric "when the music's over, put out the light!"


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